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Because referrals just don't come by unannounced...they come with consistency.

About me

Passionate About Modernizing the CPA Industry

When Marie started her CPA firm in 2020, she struggled to get consistent referrals and leads using social media. She trained with the top names in sales and marketing to learn the strategies to build her modern firm.


This vast knowledge became her strength & inspiration to create The Profit Lab, which aims to help fellow accountants and CPAs 10X their firm revenues by getting consistent referrals and leads using social media.


Marie has over 30 years of business experience, having helped dozens of clients as a Financial Auditor, Controller, and Chief Financial Officer.


She is also a Certified 10X coach, Speaker, Mentor, Public Accountant, and Chartered global management accountant. She's been nominated for the 2022 & 2023 Women Leader's Award by the FICPA and Top 50 Women in Accounting for 2023 by Ignition. 

Follow her on Instagram @marietorossiancpa.

Popular speaking Topics 

Marie speaks about topics that help CPAs modernize their firms. Below are some examples of subjects she has covered.

  1. How to Perform a Business Plan & Projections?

    • Why do you need a strategic business plan?

    • What's included in the Business Plan?

    • What are the key financial assumptions that you should consider?

  2. How to Increase the value of your Business?

    • Business valuation: an essential tool for management​

    • Strategic plan: a compass to value creation

    • Policies & Procedures: a basis to scalability

  3. How to Value Price your Firm Service Higher? 

    • What are the current service pricing models?​

    • How to build out your value bases packages?

    • How to implement your new value-based packages?

  4. Why is Client Relationship Management Vital for your business?

    • You've got a lead! What do you do now?

    • What is a Client Relationship Management Software?

    • What is a Prospecting Process? Prospect Follow-Ups & Touchpoints?

  5. The 10 Biggest Follow-up Mistakes 

    • Not Making the call

    • Not Making enough calls.

    • Calls not on a regular basis

    • Waiting too long to follow up

  6. The 10 Mistakes that Kill your Deals 

    • Not Selling the solution

    • Missing Buying signals 

    • Refusing to ask the hard questions

    • Believing price will solve problems.

  7. 3 Strategies to Modernize your Firm​

    • What you need to do to gain attention in the marketplace.

    • How can you create a service or a product based on your unique experience?

    • How investing in yourself will consistently deliver a growth mindset that is essential to modernizing yourself and your firm

Videos of Recent Talks