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A 3-Step Process When Hiring Your First Employee

Every business needs employees to grow.

When you are working solo, you will not have a significant impact. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook have changed the world because of their talent. Perspective and skill are crucial for a business to grow. Therefore, it is important to learn how to hire your first employee.

Here are 3 lessons I learned when I hired my first employee:

1. Find a Prospect that Shows Commitment

The entrepreneurial journey will cause all sorts of problems. When joining forces with an employee, they need to believe in your vision. It is crucial to have commitment to solve all your future problems.

Driving a business forward requires commitment. For example, I did not know about marketing when I started my business. I spent all my career in accounting, but it was time to create my product. Finding an employee that helped and motivated me to learn marketing was crucial. Now, through our commitment to solving problems, I help CPA (Certified Public Accounting) businesses with their struggles.

Believing in a vision is crucial for growth. Without full commitment, the entrepreneurial journey will end before it can begin.

Find true commitment to start your business.

2. Hire your priority. Then, make sure they are not identical to you.

When you start hiring, make sure you need that person.

Your first hire must be indispensable for your business growth. Also, they need to have a different mindset than yours.

When finding the right fit, you need two things: skill and mindset. When I hired my first employee, I was looking for a strong set of skills. However, I needed someone with a different mindset. Every entrepreneur should understand and listen to their employees. At the end of the day, their ideas are as valuable as yours.

If your employee has the same perspective toward a problem, then they are not the right fit. Every entrepreneur needs skill and perspective to grow a business. When hiring an employee, look for their ability to think and solve problems on their own.

3. Find People with Connections

We live in the era of connections.

Our assets are being overshadowed by influence and network. Today, it matters more about who you know, and your connection to them.

Therefore, your employee should have a strong connection within their industry. For example, if your first employee is in marketing, they might know someone that creates websites. Without having to spend hours finding a great website developer, you have a personal recommendation next door.

Hiring an employee means acquiring their skillset and network. In our new economy, connections are our most valuable asset.

Find employees with connections to exponentially grow your business.

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