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Business Discovery Program Client Testimonials

Bruno Cattorini, CEO of Saxum International 

A real estate development company 

Grant Cardone
X Elite Coaching and Mentoring Program
Client Testimonials

Dr. Brenda Gooch, Author, and Leadership Consultant.

Eileen Varghese: Analyst, Business Intelligence, NAP Executive Staff.

Nancy Ma: Business Owner.

Cindy Detschman

Hi there. My name is Cindy Detschman. I'm a new Realtor trying to get started in a small town. I decided I should get a coach to help me get started in the right direction. Marie was very helpful with helping me stay focused and organized. With her guidance, she helped me find and keep my clients. I was able to list a property and I have an offer on the table for that property. I was able to show a commercial property, and just today, they are writing a purchase agreement for that property. I have been to several social events recently that have helped to get my name in the Real Estate Market. I'm happy to say that, even with the tough market that's out there right now, I'm having success in my lifelong dream of being a Realtor. Thank you, Marie, for all of your support and guidance."
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